The New Sleeping Bubble Experience - Why Everyone Is Talking About It!

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Following the new launch of our new unique luxury sleeping bubble experience at our new Hotel - Hotel Lush - We thought we would give you some insight into why its so important to have these types of experiences for the hospitality industry during this critical time.  Domestic short stays are now at an all time high, so we always aim to push the boundaries of the short stay experience. 

Here is a list of 5 reasons to try our bubble hotel

1. Glamping But With A Hotel Like Experience

Its safe to say that when glamping, although some love it, wearing wellis and getting muddy can be a bit too much for some. Well we have strategically located our glamping experience in our hotel, located on a 90 Sq Ft of decking in your own private area. You still get to be out side but you avoid the problems you somtimes get with glamping.

2. Added Hotel Facilities For That Unique Experience


The ability to order champagne or have shower and toilet facilities that is private and indoors so it's not cold will be a massive plus for your stay. Included with your stay, you also have access to a cabin where you can sit relax, watch TV, play games or have a coffee!

3. The Stargazing Experience


Working with we decided to partner with them because of this amazing stargazing experience! 

most have to travel to a location or have to hire a telescope to view the stars but with our experience, this can all be included! while laying in bed! See that's the beauty of a sleeping bubble experience, you get to stargaze in the comfort of your own sleeping space. Most likely something you have never experienced before.

4. The Hot Tub Experience 

Equipped with your stay is an outdoor Hot Tub right next to your sleeping bubble tent. Something to relax you just before you look at the stars.

5. Stay With Friends

Because the sleeping bubble is located in our hotel, it gives you the unique ability to stay with groups of friends, separated in different rooms in the hotel. You can grant them access to your private area in the hotel garden decking area.

We also have a cabin located next to the sleeping bubble, the cabin can hold an additional 3 persons so combined with 2 in the sleeping bubble, you can book in parties of 5 persons. Great for a special occasions and events!

to know more about what other experiential stays we offer, check contact us at or 02070977189 for more info.